The High School Stud And The Math Teacher

. And The Math Teacher

It all started during football season. The coach was sitting at his desk looking over some plays for the next weeks game. His door was open, but the math teacher Mrs. Wells knocked on the door casing to get his attention.

“Oh , hello Mrs. Wells, come in, what can I do for you?”
‘I thought I would bring you some bad news.”
“Oh, I don’t know if I want to hear that, what kind of bad news?”
“Your star football player, your quarterback is failing his math. I told him about it some time ago, but he’s not listening. So he won’t be able to play football the rest of the year.”

The coach just sat there stunned. “ I didn’t know it was that bad Mrs. Wells, what can we do about it ? Can we get a special tutor for him?”

“I don’t know coach, you can go to the office and ask.”
“That’s what I’ll do tomorrow morning the first thing.Thanks, I think. I’ll let you know what I find out.”“Okay,” she says, as she goes down the hall. Her tight little ass, swaying back and forth in her tight skirt, and low cut blouse. She has a body, that just spells sex.All the older boys turn their heads and watch, getting a hard - on, as they watch her go down the hall.

The next morning the coach goes to the office to see if he can get a private tutor for his quarterback. They tell him no , that he’s not any better than any of the rest of them, he’ll have to get busy and study.

Dishearten, the coach goes to see Mrs. Wells.“I’m sorry he tells her, they won’t do it, they say he has to do it on his own. What are we going to do? Do you have any ideas?”

“The only thing I know we can try. I’ll try and tutor him at my house. My husband is gone all night, he won’t be abother to him. It will just be me and him. We can try that, and see if it works.”
“Thanks Mrs. Wells.”He turns and goes down the hall.

The math class is the last class of the afternoon. The football player we are talking about, Is about six feet tall, one seventy five to one hundred eighty pounds, built like a goddess. Looks like a movie star.
All the girls are after him all the time. Rubbing against him every chance they get. Then he reaches out to feel their pussy and hear them squeal. He has not settled on any one of them, he just flirts with all of them.

That afternoon in class, the math teacher walks up to his desk, and leans up against his desk, touching his shoulder in the process. He looks up at her with a grin, reaches down and feels her leg with his hand, she doesn’t move. His dick starts getting hard. She lays a note on his desk for him to read.

I want you to stay after class, I’ve got something I want to talk to you about. Wonder what she wants now Jack wonders? Maybe she want’s fucked, I’ll find out later.
Then she walks away leaving him sitting there with a hard - on.

The bell rings, the room empties, Jack walks slowly up to her desk.
Mrs. Wells watching him approach, staring at him. She is undressing him. Staring at his crotch.

“What do you need Mrs. Wells?”“You have a problem Jack, your grades have slipped so low you won’t be able to play football.”
“You’re kidding of course?”
“No I’m not kidding Jack, I’ve already spoke to your coach about this , he knows all about it.”
“What can we do about it?”
“I’ve told your coach that I would home school you for a time to see if you’re going to do any better.”
“Wow , you would do that for me?”
“Yes we’ll try it for awhile and see, but it’s up to you to get your self from this mess. Well start tonight, you come to my house after practice, that’s all, I’ll see you later.”
“Okay Mrs. Wells I’ll be there later after practice.”
She watches the young football player walk from her room with his tight fitting jeans across his ass. She reaches up and pinches her nipple, then she walks down the hall to home.

She goes home and changes clothes. “What will I put on tonight, let me see. She puts on a tight fitting pink blouse, doesn‘tbutton it. Ties it at the bottom no bra. A pare of tight peddle pushers, that shows every line she has. Pullsback her hair in a pony tail. “There that should do it,” she marvels at her self in the mirror. “What am I doing? I’m acting like I’m going out on a date with him, jeez!”

Just about dark Jack pulls into the drive way, comes to the side door and rings the bell.Mrs. Wells opens the door. “Come in handsome.” He grins. “Your embarrassing me Mrs. Wells.”

“Come in, while you’re here studying, you can drop the Mrs. Wells stuff, just call me Connie.” “Okay Mrs. Wells, oh I mean Connie.” He says grinning.
“That’s better, are you hungry? I can fix you a sandwich and a salad if you like.”
“Sure that sounds great Connie.”
“Okay coming right up.”Jack notices the blouse she is wearing, looking at her breasts as she beds over the table, and the tight pants. He can feel it swelling in his crotch already, he wonders how much studying he will get done.

After they eat she takes him to the dinning room table, lays out the home work she want him to do. “There are the math problems I want you to work on. If you have any problems just let me know. While you are doing this, I’m going to sit over here in the living room and read.”

“What are you reading Connie?”“Oh some love story that one of the other teachers gave me to read. I have no idea what it’s about.”

Jack starts working on the math that she gave him, every once in awhile he would sneak a glance over her way. So far, It must be a good book. She was real intent reading it. He noticed now she would cross and uncross her legs. Once he looked, she was not thinking about what she was doing.Was pinching her nipple through her blouse, starting to lick her lips, letting out little groaning sounds. He tried to keep his mind on his study’s, but it was getting hard to do, just watching her.

His cock was starting to swell In his jeans. But they were so tight fitting, it didn’t have much room to grow. He got up with theexcuse to get a drink of water, so he could arrange his cock in a better position, he came back and sat down. Connie was still engrossed in her book.
Jack was still watching her from he corner of his eye. Now he noticed she was putting her hand inside her blouse playing with her nipple, not paying any mind that Jack was watching from the dinning room, with precum starting to ooze from his hard cock.
Then he noticed, she was rubbing her crotch, humping against her finger, stiffening out inher chair,letting out small moans. “I swear, I think she just had an organism.” Jack thought, starting to rub his cock.

Jack thought he would try and break her spell. He cleared his throat, but it didn’t work. “Oh Connie,” he called out. Then she jumped in surprise, lays her book down. Her face flush, her breathing short. Her voicequivering. Her lips puffed and swollen, ready to be kissed.

“Did you want something Jack?”
“Yes I need a little help with this one problem.” He didn’t really, he just wanted to get her attention. She gets up from her chair, leans over Jacks shoulder , resting her breast onhis shoulder. Putting her other arm around his shoulder, she is still breathing hard.

“What are you having a problem with Jack?” “This one right here,” he says. She then pushes her breast harder against his arm.He can feel the warmth of her soft breast pushing against his arm. He can hardly stand it.“Oh Jack , that’s not such a bad problem, let me show you,
She turns and kisses Jack full on the lips, driving her tongue deep inside. He just about shoots his load.She takes her hand and unbuttons his shirt, running her fingers up and down his chest and stomach. Then she reaches his belt and unhooks it,unsnaps his pants. His big cock jumps out at her.
“Oh my, what a wonder she says. She takes it in hand ,and works it up and down. Precumis oozing from the tip. Jack reaches up under her crotch, and starts rubbing her pussy lips through her peddle pushers. Theyalready have a wet spot where she had been rubbing her self off. She unties her blouse to expose her breasts.Jack starts running his tongue around the nipples and sucking on them. Loud moans starting to escape from her lips
She starts gyrating on Jacks hand.
She gets Jack by the hand. “Come Jack, lets go to the bed room.”
Jack gets up, his pants falling around his ankles. Stoppinglong enough to kick them off.His young cock standing straight up. Must be eight or nine inches long.Precum stringingfrom the tip.

Connie pulls him down in bed. Running her hand up and down his young shaft, veins standing out form the sides. Then she puts her wet lips over the large blue bulb. Running her lips up and down his shaft.

“Oh Connie that feels so good, but I’m going to shot my load in a minute.”
“That’s okay, we’ll get it going again, you’re young enough, you should be able to pop several times, the second one will be better.” She proceeds to run her mouth up and down his shaft. Then she feels it swelling in her mouth and starting to jerk. She knows what is about to happen. She speeds up with her work, then she feels it jerk. Shooting his white lava in her mouth, letting out a soft moan as he does. His young body quivering with excitement.

“Oh Connie that was great, I’ve never had that done before.”
“Have you ever had sex with any of the girls at school?”
“Don’t ever tell any one, but no I’ve never had sex before.”
“You mean I’m getting your cherry?”
“Yep you are.”
“Then just wait handsome, you’re in for a ride,” she says, then pulls Jack down on top of her, lifting her legs for him to enter.
His young cock has come to life once more, and finds the soft pink lips of her pussy. He is so excited he doesn’t know what to do. He guides his cock against her soft pussy, then slowly pushes it in. He feels the soft velvety touch, as he pushes it inside her hot box. He almost shoots his load again, but stops, then proceeds deeper, Connie aging him on. Running her tongue deep inside his mouth.

“Oh Jack deeper,” she begs, as he slowly pushes it deeper, savoring every inch he goes. He has not had any thing feel this good in all his young life.
Chapter Two Later.

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The High School Stud And The Math Teacher